Wireless Communications Infrastructure

TSU offers tower, shelters, generators and dozens of other products related to site communications.
We are proud to offer Pennsylvania State Contract pricing, under the IT & Communications Equipment & Services category, to agencies of and within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including county and local government entities.

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PA State Contract Pricing

List Price Contract Discount
Reliant Shelters
12′ x 16′ $61,380.00 15%
12′ x 20′ $65,680.00 15%
12′ x 24′ $69,880.00 15%
12′ x 28′ $74,580.00 15%
12′ x 20′ 2-Room $70,625.00 15%
12′ x 25′ 2-Room $81,500.00 15%
Onan Generators 10%
Valmont Structures
180′ Self Supporting Tower $47,855.00 10%
180′ Guyed Tower $29,250.00 10%
250′ Self Supporting Tower $84,955.00 10%
250′ Guyed Tower $45,815.00 10%
330′ Self Supporting Tower $135,145.00 10%
330′ Guyed Tower $59,745.00 10%
Meyer Steel Structures
140′ Above Ground Direct Embedment Pole $40,355.00 10%
Batteries & Power Plants
C&D Technologies, Inc. – Batteries and Power Plants 10%
Grounding Systems
The Hite Company – Grounding Products 10%



tower site services

Spectrum Analysis
Line Sweep Cable, Connector, Antenna Repair, Replacement and Installation
Path Alignment
Site Infrastructure Repair
Grounding System
Ice Bridge
Equipment Shelter
Telecommunication Integration
Fire Suppression
Heating / Ventilation / Air Conditioning
Alternative Energy

tower and site construction

Land Development
Access Roads
Tower and Building Foundations
Grounding System Design and Installation
Tower Erection
Antenna and Line Installation and Testing
Path Alignment
Lighting Systems

the basic products

Equipment Shelters:
Pre-cast 4″ thick concrete walls, climate controlled, built to specifications, grounding and electrical components, fire suppression, dual rooms

7.5 kW through 75 kW Cummins Onan diesel or propane gensets

Direct embedment or full foundation self supporting, monopole or guyed towers

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